Leadership Training for Christ

LTC 2015

North Texas Leadership Training for Christ

Convention Dates:

April 3-5

Dallas Hilton Anatole.

The theme for this year is “Give it Up” from Luke 14:33.

Broadway always has a strong representation at LTC, and this year looks to be be no different. The purpose of NTLTC is to plan, organize, promote, and execute programs that assist young Christians to develop their knowledge of the Bible and biblical principles, enhance their communication and leadership skills, and orient their energies and abilities to areas of Christian service.

Our strongest representation is always at the actual Convention event. The areas of involvement are drama, chorus, signing to the deaf, song leading, puppets, bible bowl, bible quiz, bible reading and speech.

However there are plenty of events that you can do without leaving Lubbock. Below is a list of events for LTC. Links to additional information on each even is provided below.

Preconvention Events

Audio Broadcast – Radio or Drama Broadcast based on this year’s theme

Essay - Write an article with the content addressing the current year's LTC theme

Fiction - Write a short story that reflects the current year's LTC theme

Impact Video - Produce a short video that illustrates the current year's LTC theme. Encourages faith in a

format that is capable of being easily & widely shared online within different social media networks

Poetry - Write a poem that reflects the current year's theme

PowerPoint Presentation - youth ministry, preparation for LTC, Devotional Meditation, Songs and Sermon

Notes, Bible Story Telling

Short Film - Create & Film a theatrical script based on the current year’s LTC theme and act it out.

Song Writing - Write an original a cappella composition relating to the current year's theme

Video Bible Drama – Create/record the script based on the scripture. Provide costumes, props, and actors

Web Page - To develop creative and technical talents by the creation of a Web site on the Internet.

Challenge Events - turned in at the beginning of the convention

Bulletin Board - The board must be displayed in a class room or other public area at the church building

Daily Devotion - To promote the habit of daily Bible reading and prayer. i.e. 30 in 32 days

Leadership - To promote the leadership of older participants in the training of younger participants in

preparation for LTC

Outreach - To provide the opportunity for young people to share their faith, VBS, mission work, bible study

Reading - Judged at the student’s home congregation

Scripture - Memorize 100 verses of scripture

Service - To encourage students to make Christian service an integral part of their lives.

Song Leading (3-6 only) - Judged at the student’s home congregation

Teaching - To encourage young people to develop creative teaching skills.

Display Events - turned in at the beginning of the convention

Children’s Book - To encourage the use of creative writing and drawing in a Christian arena

Scrapbook - To provide a pictorial and written documentation of leadership development within a congregation

Christian Art - To communicate faith and beliefs through art

Computer Generated, Drawing, Mixed Media/Collage, Painting, Photography, Sculpture

Convention Events

Drama - To encourage students to dramatize modern-day life applications of Christian truths

Chorus-To present a cappella music in order to encourage believers, witness to unbelievers, and praise God.

Signing for the Deaf - To develop the ability to interpret for the deaf/hard of hearing, as well as provide

services to the deaf/hard of hearing to glorify God and his church.

Song Leading - To encourage the development of song leading skills

Puppets - To encourage the presentation of Biblical stories through the use of puppets.

Bible Bowl - 4 member team, To challenge students to achieve in-depth knowledge of God's Word.

Bible Quiz - 1-5 member team, To challenge students to achieve in-depth knowledge of God's Word

Bible Reading - To provide an opportunity to develop skills through the oral reading of Scripture

Speech - To develop verbal communication talents & public speaking skills as they relate to biblical principles

For more information, please contact Randy & Tammy Adams, or download the forms below.

· LTC 2015 Information Packet

· LTC 2015 Student Registration Form

· LTC 2015 Family Registration

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